Cross-Border Wealth Management for Canadians Living in Texas

Life in the Lone Star State

Texas is known as a land of independent spirit, hard work and opportunity. Booming with the fastest-growing cities in America, it attracts businesses from all over the world, especially in the fields of oil and gas, energy and technology. Increasingly, Canadians are flocking to Texas—some as snowbirds or “Winter Texans,” and many more who are seeking the economic promise and quality of life unique to the Lone Star state.

For “Winter Texans,” destinations from Austin, with its vibrant arts and music scene, to the Hill Country are so popular among Canadians that Texas hosts its own “snowbird festivals.” Canucks can enjoy a climate similar to that of Florida, California or Arizona for a lower cost of living, and still enjoy an array of cultural offerings and outdoor activities.

Many Canadians, Canadian expats and dual citizens make a longer term move to the U.S., with Texas as their new home. Among these are scientists, engineers and those in high tech who transfer from Canadian to U.S. divisions of their firms. Others—academics, researchers and entrepreneurs—choose Texas as their U.S. hub.

Need Help Managing Your Cross Border Lifestyle?

Cardinal Point specializes in assisting professionals and small business owners with their move to the U.S. and then continues to oversee their ongoing cross-border investment and financial planning needs. For those individuals who have already made the move to Texas, Cardinal Point can help oversee their cross-border investment, tax and financial planning activities going forward. When these small business owners or professionals retire or leave their jobs, many decide to return to Canada and we can help assist them with a successful financial transition back home. With Cardinal Point, clients receive a personalized, integrated investment and financial planning solution that includes:

  • Management of Canadian and U.S. assets
  • Advice on specific assets that should transfer to the U.S. or remain in Canada
  • Cross-border financial and estate planning
  • Retirement planning and advice on retirement benefits such as CPP, OAS, Social Security and Medicare
  • Assistance with cross-border tax filings, foreign-based account disclosures (FBAR, FATCA) and navigating the U.S.-Canada Tax Treaty

  • Assistance on cross-border asset transfers and currency conversions
  • Canadian and U.S. stock option, RSU and company bonus plan advice
  • Guidance on cross-border real estate and businesses
  • Collaboration with other professional advisors to make certain that various components of the cross-border plan are fully integrated and coordinated
  • Health, life, disability, long-term care, business and property insurance review

Who We Serve

In a state as large and diverse as Texas, it’s no wonder Cardinal Point serves a wide array of clients with distinct cross-border planning needs. Our clients include:

  • Canadian executives and entrepreneurs working in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonia and the Gulf Coast
  • Retirees and snowbirds enjoying the warm weather in Southern Texas
  • Small business owners, professionals and executives working throughout the state
  • Those in the energy industry transferred to the U.S. by their company
  • Canadian professional hockey players playing in Texas

Ready to take the next step?

Whether you are transitioning residency between Canada and Texas or you have already made the move but continue to hold investment assets or financial interests in both Canada and the United States, proper cross-border financial planning can integrate and coordinate the asset management of your investments, reduce taxes and maximize your estate.

If you would like to discuss your cross-border financial planning needs or request further information, please complete our contact form and a Cardinal Point representative will reach out to you

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